Hindiyeh Culinary Solutions is an innovative company that was founded to provide the specialized solutions needed for foreign cuisine. Our president Ahmad Hindiyeh has been in this industry his whole life and knows he can find a product that will make your kitchen operate smarter, faster, and more efficiently without breaking the bank! Hey, we're here for you. We want to work together with you on your culinary problems and make sure they stay solved!

Our Brands

Evertron| New Technology

Evertron Prides itself with two revolutionary products: 1. Dr. Fry-2 is an entirely new technological kitchen appliance that brings together various cooking functions including frying, baking and steaming. No professional skill is needed to create delicious fried food with fewer calories! 2. Freshtron is the latest innovation in the fridge game that brings a whole new meaning to freshness. This technology maintains the quality and freshness of food for long periods.

Primoager| Meat Agers

Primo Ager is a fully automated meat ager that ensures your meat will always be of the highest quality and safety standards. Temperature, humidity, and airflow are strictly regulated by Primo's integrated smart system to ensure you're never eating unsafe food again! You can easily track every detail from our mobile app on-the-go too so there's no need for guesswork or second guessing what was done while they were out at work getting all this delicious beef ready for them when they get home.

Autec| Sushi Makers

AUTEC takes pride in designing high-quality, innovative sound equipment that helps chefs all over the world create a unique cuisine. We design our machines to be highly functional and work with anyone who appreciates Japanese food culture!